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I Can’t Help It: My Celeb Crush


Alan Rickman. He’s so versatile. He totally becomes his characters. He can do evil and he can do the lead. He has some great movies that are not in the mainstream but they are all awesome. Check out “Close My Eyes”, “Dark Harbor,” and “An Awfully Big Adventure” for a few.

He’s funny in interviews and he’s just one sexy guy-

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Just Because I Got a Re-Write Request


under my pen name, I thought I’d share a photo of my inspiration for my hero in Redemption for the Devil.

He has longer hair than this in my mind  in the story but ain’t  he pretty?

Post Number 100


Don’t really have anything to say but I noticed this was post #100 and I wanted to memorialize the occasion by saying hi and reminding you all of the inspiration for most of the heroes in my fiction work.

Another just because picture


Alan- Just because


Alan as I picture him as Liam in "Redemption for the Devil"


Alan as I picture him as Angus in novella "Gray's Inn"


Alan as Alec in novella "Weekend at Upper Eaves"



I’ve been neglecting this little blog a bit.  I’m sorry.  Life has gotten away from me lately.  Am in the throes of year end reporting for the day job and have had no energy for anything else.  Shamed to say that I have not gotten back to my NaNo work since I hit the word count.   I’m falling down on the job here!  My characters have probably moved across the country in a land grab and I dont even know it.   Ah.  The 1920s, so much opportunity for trouble.  Even in the midst of prohibition!

Leaving you with some eye candy for the time being-  Yes.  Liam From my NaNo book is Irish but here is a guy in a kilt for you (Still on the British Isles)  

Liam Cormac


Is the name of my hero in my latest novel titled “Redemption for the Devil” (the NaNoWriMo project) and he is finally “speaking” to me. I had planned to try to make this a Young Adult novel but the devil is using such language and blatant sexual comments, that I believe it will be too much for YA. Of course, how is YA divided? I think this story would be appropriate for an 18- 20 something year old. Not a middle schooler, for sure. So, can anyone tell me if there are divisions in YA? I mean, really, book 4 of the Twilight series was worse than I’m writing now.

Here is what Liam looks like in my head:  alan12

Hello world!


I’ve decided to start my own blog to go along with the Southern Sizzle Blog.   This way I can yammer on anytime I want to without hogging the blog that I share with my mates on the way to being published in the romance genre.   I have had such fun with them that I decided to play more.   I plan to upload some of my short stories here for amusement.   Here is a photo of one of my favorite actors that serves as inspiration for some of my writing.  He is such a versatile actor that he can serve as the hero of many of my tales and never seem like the same man.    alan