Paperback Link for Here There Be Witches


The paperback is available now at Amazon. LINK

I can’t wait to get my hot little hands on one myself. I’m proud of this book. I had an awesome editor and cover artist to help me but I did a lot of it myself – I conquered formatting! Go me!! LOL

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  1. Yesterday your book popped up on my weekly Amazon email listing “you might be interested in…” titles! I was so excited to think – I KNOW THIS AUTHOR! I read the preview and will be downloading this weekend when I get a minute to do so. Congrats on your debut in the YA world!!
    By the way, if they made a movie of your book, who do you picture as Alastair? He sounds yummy.

    • Awesome. That makes my day. Yay for recommends. Thanks for the good wishes too. I have not thought about who’d play Alastair. I’ll mull that and if you read it, give me your suggestions!

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