New Paperback Available- Moon Dance


Jillian Chantal

Available now in print at 


Back cover blurb:

After an explosion at NASA in Houston that shook her confidence, Olga Quinn tries to run from her demons by moving halfway around the world to a new job in London with the space program there. As a rocket scientist, she wraps herself in her work, and convinces herself her commitment to her job is why she doesn’t date much.
Gabriel Swicord lost his vision as a firefighter when a backlash blinded and scarred him. He’s considered a hero by the family he saved, but he doesn’t want the praise. Demons of another kind haunt Gabriel; demons with a voice that sound far too much like his father. Left to find a new career, Gabriel dives into his love of music and becomes a celebrity DJ in London. He’s content to live alone and take care of himself. He needs no…

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