The Ghost of Lily Painter by Caitlin Davies- A Review


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I know, I know, we all have huge TBR piles but I’m going to highly recommend this anyway. It’s a lovely story about a dance hall girl who lived over 100 years prior to the present day. She came to a tragic end. Her story is told partially through the diary of a policeman who rented out rooms to her and her family. The story switches from modern day to the past times seamlessly.

The protagonist in the present day, Annie, finds the perfect house to move into when her husband’s job brings him to London. They move in with their daughter. Annie feels an affinity with the house but her husband grows distant. She starts to research the prior inhabitants of the home and finds out about Lily Painter and her tragedy.

It’s such a beautiful story, it stayed with me for quite a few days after I finished it. I have a habit of giving away books now after I read them since I don’t have room to keep them all – this one stays. It’s haunting and so well written, I have to say that if you get a chance to read it, you definitely should. I really can’t emphasize this enough, you need to read this book.

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