New Story Coming Sept 2011


I have a new short story coming out September in a Halloween Anthology. The Anthology is called Halloween Hell-o-ween and it’s stories about tours of hell. My story is called Music Hall, Music Hell. It’s a tour of all the music clubs in hell. It’s a fun little story. I don’t  have a picture of the cover yet but as soon as I do, I’ll post it. 

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I miss the days that my kids wanted to dress up and have a ball. We used to have a big party every year but it seemed like our friends lost interest in it and I stopped. It’s a lot of work because I never want anyone to leave my house hungry, so when it seemed like my friends weren’t interested in coming anymore, I decided to stop going to all the trouble. I do miss it but my little stories I write help me get in the fall mood.

One day, I’d love to go to Salem, Massachusetts  for the holiday. It calls to me.  I think it would be an amazing place to celebrate.

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  1. Salem can be amazing for Halloween. I was lucky enough to be named “King of Halloween” there in 1996.

    It’s a historical little town and as such, the streets are tightly packed. With the fall chill in the air, it’s nice to just walk along and pop into their little shops.

    The whole place really captures the feeling of Halloween.

    They have had a touch of trouble in recent years, due to a combination of the event growing so large and its proximity to Boston. With luck, they’ll get that all straightened out.

  2. How awesome for you to be crowned king. That had to be amazing. I love history and charming little towns. I hope they do get it straightened out. I hope to get there next year when the youngest child will be off to college and I won’t have to worry about school schedules!

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