“I’m So Happy For You”- a Book Review


I’m reluctant to review books that I really don’t enjoy but I wanted to talk a bit about this one. I read this book over a few days on my lunch break. I read the first two chapters with the thought that I really didn’t like any of the characters in the thing.  I hoped that somewhere along the line that would change. It did not. I never liked any of them.

The writer is an excellent writer. She does quite well with her prose and there were a few spots that amused me but the overall tenor of the book was just not my cup of tea. Both of the female main characters (I know one was supposed to be the protagonist, but I like to like the protagonist so I don’t want to call her that! LOL!) were unlikable in many respects. It was just not a fun read at all. 

In the author notes, she states, “One of my goals in writing…was to make both main characters simultaneously problematic and sympathetic. If you come away loathing one or both of them, I haven’t done my job.”  Well, I hate to say it, but for this reader, she didn’t do her job. I loathed them both.

I believe the book to be well written but it was sadly not for me. I did finish it with the hope that it would be more satisfying than it was.  Regrettably, I can’t recommend this one.

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