Today Was a Wild Ride


First, I had an issue on  one of my cases that I thought was resolved on Friday. Nope. It reared its ugly head again today. I got several business emails from this particular person that one of my friends described as having never heard of customer service. I agree.  She was rude in the body of the emails, tried to say it was my office’s fault when it was clearly an error on their end (if I’m wrong, I own it and we did what we were supposed to do on Friday)- and then she signed her emails like some valley girl (and yeah, she’s in California)- it was “have a wonderful rest of your day!!”  AND those are her exclamation points. 

On the third email, when she basically snubbed her nose at me and said, like a kid on the playground, “Nah, nah, nah,” AND had that “have a wonderful day” ending to it,  I went into orbit and called in the big guns.  This chick had no idea I had the trump card. Didn’t want to play it, but I did.   I know a person pretty high up in the company. I told him I didn’t want to be a lot obnoxious but I wanted to be a little obnoxious if I needed to – to get results.  I got them.  Results.  I don’t like to play that way, but I can if I have to.

Once that crisis was averted, I got attacked in a series of emails in my personal email from A DIFFERENT woman who I now believe to have some very serious issues.  Kind of scary how venomous these emails were. WHOA.  

Let’s hope for a better day tomorrow. No having to go over someone’s head for results in business and no ugliness in my email inbox.  Either the personal one or the work one.


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