Arabella Stokes


Arabella is a friend of mine.  We were in Books a Million today for a NaNoWriMo lunch time write in. There were only four of us there from the group. We all made some progress and as Arabella packed her bag to go back to her office, she checked her email on her phone and she started waving her phone in my face and hyperventilating.  Then she tossed me the phone and jumped up and started darting about the cafe area of the store and saying “oh my God, oh my God.”  By the time she could get the words out, I had read the email – she got a contract with Champagne Books for her Regency romance novel entitled Proof of Love. This is her first completed novel and she is so excited. I’m proud of her and proud that we were able to pry her off the ceiling for her to go back to work. We did a group hug and attracted a lot of attention in the store.   It was fun.

I couldn’t let her leave BAM without reminding her that she had about half of the second book in the series written and she better get on that.  LOL!

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