Interesting New Songs I Like


I went with one of my friends that is a ballroom dancer to her showcase last night. It’s where the dancers show their moves in an exhibition arena. It’s always fun and she does a wonderful job.  I have found that my favorite two dances are the Bolero and the Cha Cha.  I love to watch a sexy tango and Emmy certainly did one last night but the cha cha is such a happy step and the bolero is just so beautiful, I think they are my favorites at this moment.

One of the Boleros that Emmy danced to was a song called Moonshine Child. It is sung by Robben Ford and it’s an awesome blues song. It’s gonna be on the next sound track I do. I always prepare a playlist of songs that fit the current WIP.  This song is a tale of love lost so it’ll fit a romance novel- no matter what I decide to write since there is always the “Black Moment” when all seems lost.  One of the phrases in the song is if I could make you want me again..   So it would definitely fit.

The other song I heard that I loved is by Bitter:Sweet and is called The Mating Game.  They played it twice and I think one of the dances was a swing and the other was a samba. I could be dead wrong, but I enjoyed both the song and the dances.  

You can listen to snippets of both on or can order each at I-Tunes for 99 cents. They’re great.  Enjoy!

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