My Weekend’s Cut Out for Me


So, yesterday, Deb Werkman had an on-line pitches  here: 

I pitched Runaway  with the idea that she’d give me some feedback on the pitch.  Well, imagine my shock when she said she wanted the full!.  She said my voice was shining through. She also said she  had some concerns with the story which she would address when she saw the full.   So, had a moment of panic because I need to polish it some more.  I wanted to amp up some parts of it- make the romance more “romantic” as it were.  

The weekend is now mapped out for me- gonna get this puppy ready to send!  Good thing the boy went back to college yesterday and the other son is gonna be in his room with his guitars.  Spouse is going fishing so it looks like Dell and I have weekend plans now!  

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